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Science Lab Experiment: Heating Paper Kettle

Demonstration: Heating Water in a Paper Kettle

Object: To find out what would happen when water is poured into a paper kettle and held above a flame from a candle.

Materials: paper kettle, water, candle, match

heating water in a paper kettle

Method: A paper kettle was folded and some water added. It was then heated in the flame of the candle.

Observations: A smell of sulfur came from the lighted match. Steam came from the water in the paper kettle. A black smudge appeared on the paper above the flame. The water felt warm.

Conclusions: Water absorbs heat, keeping the temperature of the paper below its kindling temperature. Water has a high heat capacity.

Steps to folding a paper kettle:

1)	Fold one corner of a rectangular piece of paper to form a right triangle.
2)	Cut or tear off the bottom piece to make a square.
3)	Fold the square diagonally and horizontally.
4)	In horizontal mode, tuck in the end corners.
5)	 Then fold the points to the top front and back separately.
6)	The side points from the resulting diamond shape are folded toward the midline.
7)	Pull and twist toward the middle the "tails" at the bottom to make handles.
8)	Blow into the hole at the top to expand the kettle.  (It may be widened with the aid of a pencil tip.)

folding to make a paper kettle

folding to make a paper kettle

folding to make a paper kettle

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